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Account Engagement (Instagram)

Job Type

Social Media Engagement

About the Role:

Position Overview:

We are seeking a dynamic and organized individual to join our team as an Account Engagement Specialist, focusing on optimizing engagement on our Instagram account. The primary goal of this role is to enhance our online presence by actively interacting with our audience through comments, direct messages, and story replies. Additionally, the Account Engagement Specialist will be responsible for occasional content posting and managing DM automation responses via ManyChat.


1. Prompt Engagement: Monitor and respond to comments, direct messages, and story replies in a timely and authentic manner to foster a positive online community.

2. Content Posting: Occasional content posting on the Instagram account (content, caption and instructions provided).

3. DM Automation: Utilize ManyChat to manage and optimize direct message automation responses, ensuring a seamless and personalized user experience.

4. Metrics Tracking: Utilize Metricool to analyze and understand audience engagement patterns. Adjust engagement strategies based on insights to maximize impact.

5. Engagement Forecasting: Leverage Metricool to identify peak times of audience activity and optimize engagement efforts during these periods.

6. Daily Engagement Goals: Achieve daily metrics-driven engagement goals, demonstrating a commitment to driving increased interaction on the Instagram account.

7. Authentic Online Presence: Maintain a genuine and authentic online persona while representing the brand, building a positive and relatable connection with the audience.

Probation Period:

There is a 30-day probation period during which the Account Engagement Specialist will be evaluated on their ability to meet the outlined requirements of the role.

If you are passionate about social media, metrics-driven, and excel in building authentic online connections, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity to contribute to our brand's digital success.


  • At least six months to one year related work experience to social media management.

  • Two references (one professional and one personal) for social media management experience

  • Experience with metricool, and manychat is a plus!

  • Experience with appointment booking, and follow ups a plus!

  • Experience with google docs, sheets, and slides required.

    1. Organizational Skills: Ability to manage and prioritize multiple engagement tasks efficiently.

    2. Professionalism: Maintain a professional demeanor while engaging with the online community.

    3. Warmth and Authenticity: Display a friendly and approachable online presence to build a strong connection with the audience.

    4. Metric-Driven: Comfortable working with data and driven to achieve daily engagement metric goals.

    5. Team Player: Collaborate effectively with the community and brand relations team.

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